Growing your business
Now that you are running a business you would have seen some of the pitfalls and problems all business owners face.

Those problems can range from bad staff to not knowing how to market your product. It could even be not knowing your best selling product.

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You now have and run your own business; it is often harder to run a small business successfully as you are the one who does it all.

Running a successful small business starts with the planning stage. Starting is only the beginning; every choice you have made and you now make influence your potential for success. Your success in business can stem from the choice, you have made when setting up and starting your business:

Review your business plan; Your business plan helps you launch your business and keep track of your goals and objectives.

Monitor your finances; When you started you created your budget, make sure you follow it as best as you can.

Employ the right staff; Your employees will massively influence the success of your business. Hire trusted, hard working staff.

Profit; You are in business to make money so look at a profit margin, of 30%+.

Advertise your business; If no one knows, your business exists you can't expect to be a success.

Expansion: This may mean looking for new products or services to add to your list of what you already offer.

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